The luxury

Strange to be in Zanzibar after more than two weeks in the Kilimanjaro region.
As Caroline remarked our last night in Springlands, it is amazing how a place that seemed so strange, so foreign just days before can seem so comfortable when one returns. That’s how it was with Springlands and Moshi. On the second and third visits, it felt like returning to a second home: the routines familiar, the people welcoming but in an unassuming way.

The Bluebay Resort has a much more Western feel, both in its accommodations and the attitudes of the staff.
It’s lovely: a well-appointed room with a television (the first we’ve seen in Tanzania), a larger-than-king-sized bed and a rain shower that you don’t have to flick a switch first and wait for the water to heat. The meals are varied and plentiful: baked goods, fruit, eggs, bacon and more for breakfast. Wonderful local fish, as well as a selection of other meats (lamb, beef, duck, chicken), vegetable and rice dishes for dinner.
We soak in the relative opulence but after a day and a half on the beach, plus a several-hour-long visit to Stone Town, we are ready to return to the mainland.

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One Response to The luxury

  1. cindy says:

    While LA looks beautiful and relaxed, and the location is gorgeous, all I can think is “What the HELL is she drinking!!”

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