Destination: Colorado

Longs Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. photograph

Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of our summit of Kilimanjaro.
It seemed like a good time to revisit this blog and talk about our next mountain adventure.
But, of course, I procrastinated. So on the one-year-plus-three-days anniversary, here’s our first post in almost 10 months.

David and I love a road trip. We’ve driven around every province in eastern Canada (except PEI) at least once. On our second trip to Newfoundland, we took a ferry from St. Barbe to Blanc Sablon and drove on the lonely roads of The Big Land. We’ve camped on the north shore of Lake Superior (below zero temperatures in early July), in the Adirondacks and the White and Blue Mountains. We’ve also hit most of the major cities on the east coast: Montreal, Quebec City, St. John’s, Halifax, Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C.
A couple years ago, David said to me, “Let’s drive to Denver.” I said, “No.” Well, I went into more detail than that, but I thought it was too far and would mean too much time in the car and not enough time doing stuff.
So what are we doing this summer? Driving to Denver … and The Badlands of South Dakota, Rocky Mountain National Park, Mount Massive Wilderness Area, Westcliffe (Crestone Needle) and Great Sand Dunes National Park.
At least that’s our tentative plan. Details, of course, to follow.

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